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P.O. Box 13785
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Avivi Ovadya Tours & Transport Ltd, was founded in Netanya  in the 60's by Ovadya Avivi, along with the early development of the private transportation industry in Israel.
Throughout the years the company has grown and blossomed into one of the leading companies in the field.

With more than fifty years of experience, the company enjoys a firmly established national presence and serves many local and worldwide tourism agencies.

A part of the company's vision and goal is to provide a safe and pleasant trip for each passenger from the beginning until end. In order to ensure that this standard has been met, the company welcomes feedback given by every individual.
The company owns one of the most modern and elegant fleet of vehicles in the industry, with the classification of the following sizes:

  • Microbuses for10 passengers
  • Minibuses for 20 passengers
  • Minibuses for 35 passengers
  • Buses for 51/53/55 passengers
  • Mega buses for 60 passengers or more

Avivi Ovadya Tours & Transport Ltd, holds all of the relevant licenses and certificates which are required by the law, including Business and Transport licenses given by the Ministry of Transport No' 4225.
The Safety and welfare of each passenger is at the company's highest concern, therefore the company owns and operates a garage authorized by the Ministry of Transport - license No' 11207, under the supervision of a Traffic Safety Officer.
The company operates under the most current technological methods and procedures. All of its departments; e.g., Account Management and fleet of vehicles departments are managed by computerized systems, including GPS.
Avivi Ovadya Tours & Transport Ltd is known for its excellent reputation. Providing high quality service based on professional, kind and responsible drivers and personnel.

With the formation of the private transportation at the early sixties, Ovadya Avivi founder and owner of the company had started his way with an individual 42-DODGE truck for the purpose of cargo transporting. Later on, seats were added to these kind of trucks so that it would be possible to transport passengers as well.
As time had passed, the DODGE was replaced by a BEDFORD-60 truck. This truck was equipped with moveable seats made of wood to allow the truck to transport cargo in addition to passengers.

In 1967, during the Six day war, Ovadya was recruited to join the army with the truck and stayed in the Shomron front throughout the whole war.

In the 70's a LAYLAND-70 had replaced the BEDFORD. This time this vehicle was dedicated for passengers only. In 1973, Ovadya was recruited to the serve the army and once again with his truck. He remained at the Sinai front and assisted by transporting soldiers and cargo to the Suez Canal area.

In 1974 when the Ministry of transport allowed private transporters to purchase and operate buses, the LAYLAND was replaced by a bus VOLVO-B-57 which actually was based on a truck chassis but with a body of a bus.

In 1977 VOLVO B-57 was upgraded to a bus VOLVO B-58, with a sub floor engine. From that point through the 80's, the buses were much more suitable for passengers and it was the first time in which air conditioning was installed.

In 1983, Ovadya started to enlarge the fleet of vehicles and purchased an additional bus - a

M.A.N -SR-280 which was much more modernized.

As the years went on, Minibuses were purchased and were added to the fleet and in 1987 the company Avivi Ovadya Tours & Transport Ltd was founded. An office was opened to clients in the main street of the city in Netanya.

In the early 90's, the company had purchased M.A.N and IRIZAR buses and was one of the tenth pioneer companies which held the most current busses at the time. These buses were named "spaceship" by all.

Throughout the 90's and until today, the company continues to purchase the most technological and deluxe buses which exist in the bus industry in Europe and Israel.